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sulbutiamine powder

  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Specification: 98%
  • CAS No.: 3286-46-2
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Manufacturer Supply arcalion sulbutiamine powder

Sulbutiamineis a synthetic derivative of thiamine (vitamin B1). As a dimer of twomodified thiamine molecules, it is a lipophilic compound that crosses the blood-brain barrier more readily than thiamine and increases the levels of thiamine and thiamine phosphate esters in the brain.


Sulbutiamine was discovered in Japan in an effort to develop more useful thiamine derivatives since it was hoped that increasing the lipophilicity of thiamine would result in better pharmacokinetic properties.

Product Name Sulbutiamine
Purity 99%
Appearance White powder
Application:  Pharm, Supplements
Packing 1kg per bag, 25kg per drum.

Sulbutiamine is a nootropic designed to give you more energy, improve your mood, and boost your memory. 

The detailed benefits are summarized as below:

1. Boost more energy

Sulbutiamine’s nootropic properties boost both physical and mental levels in the body leaving you with a feeling of high energy. It is used primarily to treat a condition called asthenia and fatigue.

2. Improve mood

Sulbutiamine is another great nootropic to help with mood. 

3. Boost memory

Also from wikipeidia reference citation, Several studies have shown that sulbutiamine improves memory through the potentiation of cholinergic, dopaminergic, and glutamatergic transmission.

When sulbutiamine is administered to mice, they perform better on operant conditioning tests and object recognition tests. Sulbutiamine also reduces the amnesiac effects of dizocilpine and improves memory in schizophrenics.


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