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Thaumatin Powder

  • Appearance: White Powder
  • Specification: 98%
  • Grade: Food grade
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Thaumatin is a low-calorie sweetener and flavour modifier. The protein is often used primarily for its flavour-modifying properties and not exclusively as a sweetener.  Thaumatin is highly water soluble, stable to heating, and stable under acidic conditions.

Product Name



White Powder







Plant Souce

Africa Maranta Fruit Extract

1. Thaumatin can be used as raw material.

     (1) It can be added in wine, fruit juice, bread, cake, cookies, candy and other foods.

     (2) It can reprocess the specific products which contain medical ingredients through the biochemical method.


2. Thaumatin can be used as food additives.

    (1) It can improve the color, fragrance and taste of food.

    (2) It can improve the nutritional value of food.


Main Features of Thaumatin:

1. White to cream-colored amorphous powder,

2. Odorless. Sweet taste, no smell, long time.

3. Extremely sweet, its sweetness as sucrose 1600 times the average, depending on the concentration of dilution: 0.00011 5500 ~ 8000-fold when: 0.001 to 3,500 times, 0.01 times for the 1300, 0.02 to 850 times.

4. The aqueous solution at pH 1.8 to 10 stable pH of the isoelectric point of about 11 is due to protein denaturation and loss of heat can occur sweetness, tannin combined event will lose sweetness.

5. In the high concentration of salt solution will reduce the sweetness.

6. Easily soluble in water. Carbohydrate sweeteners share a synergistic effect and improve the flavor effect.


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