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Special OEM

Special OEM

  • Formula design
  • Standard production
  • The whole quality inspection
  • Close service


配方设计 Formula design

A strong R&D team that develops hundreds of product formulas independently 

and has in-depth research on functional nutritious foods.


标准生产 Standard production

Industry SC certification, double certification of 100,000 GMP certified purification workshop

15,000 square meters of floor space, 4,500 square meters purification workshop

Introduced 15 production and processing equipment, including 2 automatic production packaging lines

Standardized production process

Equipped with a set of molds, diversified product formulations and specifications


全程质检 The whole quality inspection

Complete set of quality control inspection instruments, standardized quality control QA and QC team

Each product requires 4 passes before leaving the factory.

The first test: raw material inspection - all raw materials need to pass the test before production.

The second test: packaging material inspection - all product packaging materials need to be tested before they can be put into production

The third test: semi-finished product inspection - all the semi-finished products produced can pass the next production link

The fourth inspection: finished product inspection - all finished products need to be inspected before they can be shipped


贴心服务 Close service

From research and development → formula design → product filing → production and processing → product delivery, one-to-one follow-up service, timely and accurate delivery,

Strictly confidential customer and customer product information


口碑见证 Word of mouth to witness

Customer satisfaction

More than 100 customers at home and abroad, good reputation


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