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Beta Sodium Glycerophosphate

  • cas.154804-51-0
  • ≥52%
  • Grade: Food grade
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Sodium glycerophosphate CAS:(154804-51-0)

Product information

Name: Sodium Glycerophosphate

CAS No: 17603-42-8

EINECS No: 241-577-0

Molecular Formular: C3H6NaO7P

Molecular Weight: 208.0391

Appearance: White crystalline powder

Solubility: soluble in water


Sodium glycerophosphateis an interesting substance considered to be a mineral compound made up of primarily sodium and phosphorus. The "glycerophosphate" designation always refers to the chemical transport system used to take the phosphorus and sodium to the different parts of the body that utilize it. This same transportation mechanism is used with other minerals like calcium and potassium.


As previously stated, finding this compound included in nutritional or dietary supplements is difficult, at best. Our research indicated that when it is used, it is often included in a pre-workout formula for athletes and bodybuilders.

The reason for using sodium glycerophosphate in this way lies in the fact that when sodium is combined with the glycerophosphate transporter it can significantly boost energy levels quickly, even as the body breaks down carbohydrates into simple sugars.


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